Unlike youth sports that focus on running around and learning physical skills only, ballet also teaches smooth coordination, micro-abilities, and balance. It also promotes excellent posture, which can help kids in many other areas of their life, even when it comes to alertness in school is highly believed that ballet is the foundation of all dance forms.

​At GF Performing Arts School we will make sure our students are embraced by the highest levels of ballet training emphasizing technique, artistry, and musicality.  Also incorporated into the classroom structure are strength training and exercises for increased flexibility and agility.

Class Etiquette:

  • Female dancers must have their hair pulled back away from the face and secured neatly into a classical bun.  Dancers with textured hair that is in braids or twists must secure their hair back without loose ends and off the nape of the neck.
  • Dancers may not wear jewelry, other than pierced ear studs, in class or rehearsal.
  • Dancers may not wear leg warmers or sweatpants in class

What do we focus on?

  • Building Technique
  • Barre Work
  • Stretch
  • Center Combinations
  • Body Alignment
  • Increase ballet vocabulary

What should you wear?

Leotard in the following colors:
Creative movement/combo? – Baby Pink
All levels Black leotard with skin tone tights (clean with no holes)
Proper ballet shoes (skin tone or pink)

White tank top/ tight tee shirt tucked in
Black tights
Proper ballet shoes​


If you have any questions feel free to stop by, email us, or give us a call during business hours. We look forward to speaking with you!



Monday-Thursday: 3PM–8PM, Friday: 9AM-2PM

222 72th Ave. Grand Forks BC, Canada V0H1H0